Todd D. Conover                                              VPA School of Art and Design/ Fashion and Design Technologies


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In describing your activities during the 2006 calendar year, reflect on how they have contributed to the University�s vision of being a student-centered research university.



I.  Teaching Contribution:      Courses Taught                                  Enrollment


                                                    Spring 2006


                                                    FAS 423 Senior Collection ll Sec 001             12         

                                                    FAS 423 Senior Collection II Sec 002              16

                                                    FAS 423 Senior Collection II Sec 003              16



                                                     Fall 2006


                                                     FAS 422 Senior Collection l Sec 001               22

                                                     FAS 422 Senior Collection I Sec 002               18

                                                     FAS 222 Flat Pattern I Sec 003                        13


(a)Improvements in teaching and learning, curriculum, or course design; participation in programs or conferences related to teaching; program or course assessment:



FAS 422 – Senior Collection l

Senior Collection 1 has seen many changes in the last two years due to the large number of students in the program.  Historically the Fashion Show has been the entire focus of FAS 422 -423, but with much redirection the focus has slowly been shifted from the above mindset to a class that has its major goals grounded in concept, design, and collection development on a large scale.  Students work for much of the semester on conceptual development of a 100 piece collection that has a major theme, color and fabric story, and is geared towards a consumer with specific wardrobe needs.  These collections are realistically researched to reflect the current upcoming trends, using forecasting services to keep the collections competitive. The students� collections are category specific and are a series of choices of garments geared towards a target consumer requiring specific clothing for a specific event. The conceptual and design edits are shown in a professional board presentation and critique. From this 100 piece collection a representative group of six garments are chosen to be developed and executed by the students. To increase the quality of these created collections a major technique component was added to the class in the form of a sample garment made up of many advanced elements that have been found to be lacking in student technical repertoire.  The procedure for this assignment was discussion and demos of construction techniques in class, with student replication of the techniques in their own pace for a final due date at the end of the semester.


         FAS 423 – Senior Collection II

Senior Collection II is the semester in which the students actually create the designs in the intended fabrication. The creation, fitting and evaluation of this year�s 264 outfits required very careful scheduling of deadlines which the students were required to meet in order to fulfill the course requirements. The culmination of FAS 423 was the annual fashion show in which these 44 seniors presented their designs in a runway format with live music and choreography. The sheer number of collections made an impressive show, and the professional photos of each of the garments were invaluable for the student�s portfolios



         FAS 222 – Flat Pattern I

Fall 2006 brought me back into the flat pattern classroom. While there is so much material to cover in a short  period of time, FAS 222  can be an extremely technique driven class where design ideas and conceptual  thought can, if not kept in check, take a backseat to patternmaking techniques.  With the combined efforts of both instructor and students some really forward thinking design ideas, such as a fabric manipulation exercise was added to the class.  This project aided the students to think through a multi-layered design problem using fabric as the canvas in which to add, deconstruct, quilt, and embroider, and so on.  We had significant success with this project and are seeing the resulting ideas that were explored in subsequent class work. Emphasis on communication through the conceptual visual medium of design boards was also explored at length.



(b)     Advising students, thesis or dissertation supervision; informal work with students or student groups; methods for assessing and improving your effectiveness:


My advising responsibilities for spring and fall 2006 included all enrolled students who entered our program as freshmen in fall 2005.  I am the first faculty advisor to be following a complete group of students through the BFA program, a change from the previous BS.  This year I also advised students going abroad for spring 2007 semester.


          Spring 2006    32 students

                 Fall     2006     32 students


In addition to advising I participate as a juror for student garments for the SU fashion show and the annual Nautica design competition.


I also advise summer internships for students in a variety of levels in the program, as well as creating internship placements at my business, Conover Mayer, for students unable to leave Syracuse during the summer.


   (c)     Integration of research into teaching:



Using the knowledge that I am continually acquiring through my own business, Conover Mayer, I daily bring this new     

Information to the classroom, thus bringing real world experience to my students.  The business of fashion design is one which is constantly evolving, a student who realizes this concept will be many steps ahead in this very competitive field.


Some of the areas which are integrated directly from my design studio in to the classroom are: forecasting information, contacts with fabric and trim suppliers (supplied to the students at a wholesale level), the Conover Mayer work space is used as a teaching and construction environment, and any solicited charity fashion shows/presentations are used within the classes, or by the Fashion Association of Design Students as student run presentations.


II.      Research, Creative and Professional Activities:


(a)     Work published, recitals and exhibitions during calendar year 2006


During the semester of fall 2006 I have begun to learn the techniques of Photoshop CS2. I have found this vast software program a natural progression of my own personal artwork. Although the possibilities of this mega software are unlimited I have learned to handle the majority of its many tools with dexterity. I look forward to using Photoshop CS2 in the classroom teaching presentation skills for fashion designers.





(b)     Work accepted for future publication during calendar year 2006:


         Threads Magazine:


         �Typical Sewing Problems; spaghetti straps, taped edges and underlining�.


Article developed from course outlines for Senior Collection I special project


Issue TBA







(c)      Work resubmitted for publication and progress made on unpublished work during calendar year 2006:


         Threads Magazine:


         Proposals submitted:


         �Designing with Stripes; the Creative work of Gilbert Adrian�


Historic discussion of film designer Adrian�s use of stripes in design, and contemporary uses of stripes


         �Creating the Perfect Throw Pillow; tips and tricks�


         Quick techniques for professional results




(d)     Other professional activities (such as active grants, proposals submitted, editorial boards, peer review committees, invited lectures, conference



(e)         Recognition of published works, recitals and exhibitions (such as awards and prizes; reviews in journals;  

                 References in papers, books, symposia):



III.     Service to Department, College, University, Profession and the Community:


Spring 2006


One of my major responsibilities along with other faculty is the overseeing of the annual fashion show. I mentor and direct students in model selection, fittings, styling, fashion show looks, music choices, rehearsals, and all of the endless small tasks associated with a successful fashion show presentation. With the large increase of students in our program we have found it necessary to separate the Senior Collection and Jury section into two separate shows at different times, locations etc., this has essentially doubled the fashion show responsibilities.






Responsibilities for the two annual VPA spring fashion show included:



Faculty liaison for community involvement Senior Show

Faculty liaison for community involvement Crouse Hospital Syracuse University Jury Fashion Show

Model selection

Jury garment selection

All back and front of house issues related to the show        

Script/ Line-up for show

Commentary for the senior show

Fashion Show responsibilities include full week of rehearsal and show development, week of show.


         Assisted with installation of faculty gallery space Fashion Exhibition �Green�� in Lyman 316


Along with other faculty and students designed and presented �Mayfest� program to community and area high school students


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; Raised $9000 for research through the society�s Team in Training program which culminates in a 100 mile charity cycle ride in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California



Fall 2006


Assisted Jeffrey Mayer with the production of the Jet Black Junior Fashion show November 14, 2006


Presented two �Fall Friday� talks to groups of parents and potential students an overview of our program of study and opportunities within the university fashion department


Assisted with installation of faculty gallery space Fashion Exhibition �Christian Dior� presented in Lyman 316


Faculty Liaison for Community involvement of Annual Fashion Show; this year 2 complete shows: One scheduled for March 29, 2007  Oncenter, Syracuse New York; student show as a benefit for Crouse Hospital; second show is Senior Student Show scheduled for Thursday and Friday April 26th and 27th,  Schine Student Center.


Fall 2006 semester Jeffrey Mayer introduced �Project Hallway� Each week one fashion design class is challenged

to create designs in a single three hour class period using an assigned theme or material.  My classes participated in three of these presentations.


         FAS 222 sec 3   �candy� candy, candy wrappers, Halloween bags, etc.

         FAS 422 sec 1   �Natural� found objects such as leaves, twigs, feathers, rocks, etc.

FAS 422 sec 2   �Disposable found around the house� trash bags, rubber gloves, light bulbs, etc.


In 2006 I was involved in the planning and chaperoning of two trips to New York City. The first was a fabric buying trip for the senior class with full participation from all 44 students. The second was a trip designed for the sophomore Flat Pattern class as an introduction to the fabric and supply opportunities in the NYC garment district. This trip was fully attended by the sophomore class.




National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – served on the Finger Lakes Ride for Missing Children board

Which organized and participated in the 100 mile bicycle event.  This event raised over thirty thousand dollars for the National Center.


National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – participated in a 100 mile bicycle event Rochester, New York to raise awareness and funds for the national center


Livestrong Foundation, Livestrong Ride, Philadelphia, PA. Participated in the 100 mile ride to benefit the organization. This ride raised 27 million dollars for cancer research